image001Mr. James Rizk is the founder and President of OHC Environmental Engineering, Inc.  Mr. Rizk has 29 years of experience in the field of environmental consulting.  He provides unparalleled supervision through his extensive background in management of large projects. Mr. Rizk is considered a pioneer in the field of Industrial Hygiene and Indoor Air Quality and has given numerous lectures on these topics. Mr. Rizk has been managing the contract for the City of Lakeland for the past 19 years. He is very familiar with the City operation, the Power Generating Stations, and the Water Department. As the contract manager for many of OHC’s clients, he has maintained relationships by frequent communication and an understanding of the client’s needs and expectations. This has led to OHC’s ability to maintain many client contracts for over fifteen years and some since the inception of the company for 24 years. He has also acted as an expert witness on numerous occasions representing clients on indoor air quality, asbestos and industrial hygiene related liabilities. Mr. Rizk is also the Program Director of the Environmental Safety and Health Institute (ESHI) specializing in Environmental training. Mr. Rizk has extensive expertise in the following areas:

  • Developing Health and Safety plans for Hazardous Waste sites;
  • Process Safety Management plans;
  • Risk Management Plans;
  • Federal Clean Air Act (CAA);
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Investigations and Resolution;
  • Chemical Storage and Handling;
  • Employee Exposure Assessments;
  • Chemical Safety Audits;
  • Hazard Communication Compliance and training,
  • Community Right to Know Compliance;
  • Environmental Training;
  • Asbestos Consulting;
  • Lead Based paint Inspections and Risk Assessments;
  • Radon measurement.

Environmental Consulting Services, City of Lakeland, Lakeland, Florida

For the past 19 years, Mr. Rizk has been the Program Director for the City of Lakeland providing a variety of environmental, industrial hygiene, emergency response, and training services. Mr. Rizk assisted the Electric Utilities and Water Department with developing their Right-to-Know programs; Community Right-to-Know programs; Respiratory Protection Program; Contingency Program for Handling Mercury Spills; as well as several programs for proper handling of hazardous materials. He responded to several spills at the Power Plants and water department for Mercury, Hazardous Materials and Petroleum products. He was responsible for the investigation and remediation of several very sensitive IAQ projects including dust mite identification at the E&W Building and Stachybotrys sp. remediation at City Hall. He was the Project Manager for the asbestos and lead inspection, specification design, and abatement oversight of Unit 3 at the McIntosh Generating Station, which required asbestos and lead abatement of the entire boiler.  Additionally, he designed hundreds of asbestos and lead abatement specifications including some very large abatement projects of asbestos and lead from entire boilers.  He also developed numerous Health and Safety Plans for handling hazardous materials and provided the required training covering the essentials of these plans.

Tropicana Products, Bradenton, Florida

Mr. Rizk was responsible for ensuring that Tropicana products are in compliance with OSHA and EPA regulations. He performed a complete compliance audit of the entire facility to help them qualify for the VPP program with OSHA. He developed an extensive Hazard Communication Program; Community Right-to-Know Program; Process Safety Management Program; Risk Management Plan; Contingency plans for Anhydrous Ammonia and Chlorine; Employee Exposure Assessment Plan and Respiratory Protection Programs. In addition, he provided training to staffs on the elements of these programs and assisted in the implementation and audit of the programs.

Honeywell Avionics Division, Clearwater, Florida

Mr Rizk assisted Honeywell in developing an Industrial Hygiene Program for its Avionics Division. He reviewed all their Material Safety Data Sheets and provided guidance on the management of these sheets using a database system. He assisted them with development of a Hazard Communication Plan and a Process Safety Management Program.  Mr. Rizk developed Contingency plans for hazardous chemical spills and release. In addition, Mr. Rizk conducted extensive employee exposure assessments and training.

James A. Haley VA Hospital, Tampa, Florida

ID/IQ Environmental Consulting Services Contract

Mr. Rizk is the Contract Manager for this contract responsible for allocating the adequate resources as needed. Mr. Rizk assisted in conducting an extensive Environmental Compliance audit of the facility and assisted with development of SPCC plans for the Hospital and associated clinics.

Environmental Consulting Services, Manatee County School Board

Mr. Rizk has been the project manager and Contract Manager for this contract for the past 19 years. He is responsible for ensuring that the proper resources, equipment, and staff are allocated to the contract. On many occasions, he has had to address parents, teachers, media and board members to properly disseminate information regarding environmental concerns. He maintains constant communication with the client to ensure full satisfaction with OHC’s services. He recently assisted the client with an EPA AHERA Asbestos audit to make sure they were in compliance with all the requirements.

Over the past 19 years, Mr. Rizk has performed hundreds of projects for the School Board. Recently he assisted in conducting a full Environmental Compliance audit of the technical institute and SPCC plans for the above ground storage tanks.

Pinellas County, Florida

Indoor Air Quality, Asbestos and Lead Consulting Services

Mr. Rizk is the contract manager for the Pinellas County contract and is responsible for allocating the adequate staff and resources to properly execute the contract. Mr. Rizk has been closely involved with this contract and has established a strong relationship with many of the staff in Risk Management and Facility managers. Mr. Rizk has attended many administrative meetings set up by the County in order to thoroughly understand their needs and requirements and to ensure the proper administration of the contract. He has also visited many of the buildings during the annual preventative measure IAQ inspections. All IAQ reports are reviewed by Mr. Rizk prior to submittal to the County. Living in Pinellas County, he has been able to respond quickly to any emergencies or concerns.

During a previous contract with Pinellas County OHC responded to a Legionella sp. outbreak at the Pinellas County Court House, where several employees and visitors were diagnosed with Legionaires disease. Since the County Jail was adjacent to the Court House, County employees were concerned that they would have to evacuate the Jail.  Mr. Rizk responded immediately with a staff of three industrial hygienists, who worked continuously to investigate the source ofLegionella sp. and remediate the source. OHC was able to quickly identify the source as the cooling tower on the Jail building. Specifications were developed within 24 hours of identification of the source to remediate the cooling towers and test and clean all the air handler (A/H) units in the Court House and Jail. OHC collected over 1,000 samples to be analyzed for Legionella sp. Three contractors were secured to clean one cooling tower and 500 A/H units over a 10 day period. This project was executed quickly and efficiently in order to keep the county employees and visitors in a safe and healthy environment.

Naval Station-Gulfport/Pascagoula, Mississippi

Hurricane Katrina Emergency Response Clean-up

During 2005, Mr. Rizk served as the Contract Manager for the mold, asbestos, and lead assessment/inspections at the Naval Station in Gulfport, Mississippi.  He was responsible for first response and incident command activities including coordination with the Navy, Contractors, Emergency Response Personnel, and other consultants on site.  Mr. Rizk was responsible for allocating the adequate resources and personnel to support mold and asbestos remediation activities for three contractors on site including; KBR, Sosa & Associates, and Sterling Construction.  He coordinated the activities of all the contractors and consultants on site to ensure standardization of assessment and remediation activities in accordance with Navy specifications.  Mr. Rizk worked 7 days a week, 14 hours a day in order to expedite the process.  Estimated Value: $ 730,000.00

NAS Key West, Florida

Hurricane Wilma Emergency Response Clean-up

In 2006, Mr. Rizk responded to the Naval Air Station in Key West, Florida to assist with mold assessments and clean-up activities, as well as, Asbestos and lead assessments. Mr. Rizk quickly assembled a team of 7 Industrial Hygienists from OHC to assist with the assessments. Mr. Rizk developed a sampling plan and a database to track daily progress. A schedule was developed daily for the industrial hygienists to follow. After the industrial hygienist submitted data at the end of each day it was entered into the data base. OHC was responsible for assessing and testing all the family housing, bachelor quarters, and administrative buildings on the Naval Station. Mr. Rizk and his staff worked 7 days a week, 12 hours a day in order to accomplish the mission and return the troops and their families to safe and healthy homes.

Indoor Air Quality Investigation, General Service Administration (GSA)

Mr. Rizk has been conducting IAQ, asbestos and radon surveys for GSA for the past 16 years. Mr. Rizk has a GSA security clearance, which allows him access to some of the more secure departments such as FBI, ATF, Probation, and the courthouse. He performed several remediation oversight activities throughout the Federal Building, which involved cleaning and decontaminating evidence vaults, cleaning contaminated office furniture and electronics and video equipment.

Mold Remediation, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm (ATF)

Mr. Rizk was responsible for preparation of specification documents for the decontamination of articles heavily contaminated with mold located in their evidence vaults. Such articles included over 500 rifles, over 200 guns, electronics, holsters, ammunition boxes and paper. Cost $100,000.00

HUD Science and Technology – Washington, D.C.   

Mr. Rizk is the Project Director on this contract.  His responsibilities include developing research and conducting Human Health Risk Assessments and field experiments on household allergens, mold, lead, heavy metals and pesticides.  He designed and conducted critical reviews of scientific literature, research and technical studies; developed and disseminated technical guidance documents.  Mr. Rizk arranged conferences between HUD, EPA, CDC, and other agencies and stakeholders.  Contract Value: $20,000,000.00

Environmental Consulting Services- Hillsborough County

Mr. Rizk is the Contract Manager responsible for allocating the resources and funds in order to properly service this contract.  As the Contract Manager for the Hillsborough County Court House Asbestos Abatement project, Mr. Rizk is responsible for review of all existing records, field verification of records, specification design, and attending all pre-bid and pre-construction meetings.

Environmental Consulting Services- Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

Mr. Rizk is the contract manager responsible for oversight of indoor air quality investigation and resolution. Upon the discovery of mold during renovation activity in the hotel located at the airport, Mr. Rizk mobilized to the site within 3 hours to assess the extent of mold contamination. Afterwards, he developed specification and secured the services of a remediation contractor within 24 hours in order to prevent any delays in construction being conducted at the hotel. Mr. Rizk worked closely with the hotel managers and prime contractor to phase the project in order to stay ahead of the renovation activities and prevent delays. Upon conducting the moisture mapping it was determined that most of the drywall in the entire hotel was contaminated and required remediation. The entire project was completed over a one year period with no delays.

Environmental Consulting Services- Progress Energy

Mr. Rizk is the contract manager for two Master agreements with Progress Energy to provide asbestos, lead and indoor air quality services. Mr. Rizk has responded to several emergency situations caused by water intrusions and pipe leaks to evaluate the degree of damage and execute corrective measures to remediate the contaminated material. He also managed asbestos inspections of over 450 buildings located in Florida, North and South Carolina.


  • AHERA accredited Asbestos Inspector/Management Planner
  • AHERA accredited Asbestos Contractor Supervisor
  • AHERA accredited Asbestos Project Designer
  • EPA accredited Lead Based Paint Inspector/Risk Assessor
  • Radon Measurement Technician
  • 40 Hours HAZWOPER
  • On-Scene Incident Commander
  • Site Supervisor
  • USACE – Construction Quality Management