Global Engineering & Technical Assistance Contract- CONUS/OCONUS

OHC is subcontractor to TEAM IE Inc. The total contract is valued at $850 Million dollars divided among five contractors to provide full range of Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS) in support of the Air Force Center for Environmental Excellences (AFCEE) mission.  These services shall include three A&AS categories such as management and professional; studies, analyses, and evaluation; and engineering and technical.

OHC personnel provide technical expertise and oversight of Remedial Action Operations and Long Term Monitoring projects at Air Force bases throughout the world as part of the GEITA contract.  OHC personnel are tasked with providing technical expertise and oversight for multiple projects as part of the Defense Environmental Restoration Program (DERP) and the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) environmental restoration program.  OHC personnel are responsible to the AFCEE Program Managers for:


      Programming for Operation and Long Term Monitoring of Installation Restoration Program sites at bases;

      Development of contract documentation for contracting Remedial Action Operations and Long Term Monitoring, including Statements of Work, Government Cost Estimates, and other contracting documentation;

      Review and technical comments on Work Plans;

      Review and technical comment on field efforts by the AFCEE contractors;

      Review and technical comment on reports of sampling events;

      Validation of chemical data from sample analyses;

      Review and technical evaluation of sample analyses against modeling and anticipated results;

      Development of remedial system performance evaluation reports;

      Discussions with operations and monitoring contractor(s); and

      Evaluation of results and continuation of the Remedial Action Operation and Long Term Monitoring.


OHC personnel also provide on-site Program Management for Air Force bases Installation Restoration Program (IRP).  These personnel are responsible to the base Environmental Flight Chief of the long-term management and operation of the various IRP sites and their associated remedial actions.  OHC personnel are tasked to manage the bases IRP program in a similar capacity as a government employee; however, they cannot obligate the government.  OHCs role on these bases is that of a force multiplier for the base environmental flight.

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