Our Project Managers use state of the art tools required for project management and compliance with timelines and budget.

For each project, OHC assigns a Project Manager

OHC approaches every project using the tools of optimized project management that clearly identify the objective goals to be achieved. We painstakingly ensure that the steps to reach the goals are indeed practical and within the Servicecapacity of the team assembled to complete the project. This approach ensures a realistic effort versus completion scenario and proves beneficial to both the client and OHC. At the onset of each project, an OHC Project Manager will meet with the client to clearly define the project scope, deliverables, schedule, and cost elements to ensure that the project is begun with the correct intermediate and final project milestones established to both parties satisfaction.

Planning tools such as Timeline or Primavera are often used to schedule and plan large multi-task projects. A simple, but comprehensive checklist approach will be used for smaller projects. OHC firmly believes in using the right tools and resources for projects, thereby executing and completing them expeditiously and cost effectively. Various project management approaches are envisaged to effectively provide the environmental consulting and engineering services required by the client.

One of the most important aspects of project management is effective communication. For each project, OHC assigns a Project Manager as the main point of contact. Services2The Project Manager plans, schedules, and assembles from the pool of resources available the necessary team to effectively execute and complete the project. The Project Manager ensures that detailed attention is given to the project elements so that all project deadlines are accomplished. If a problem arises, the Project Manager will effectively and quickly analyze the cause and implement alternate routes to achieve the project objectives. The Project Manager will use experience from other projects to anticipate possible problems.

Another key element in project management is the capacity to not become dismayed by changes in the project scope and elements due to field conditions and additions to the overall project objectives. These types of changes are inevitable in most projects and it takes some maturity on the part of the Project Manager to deal dispassionately and effectively in such instances. An important aspect of these types of project scope changes is its impact on the cost of the project. OHC’s Project Manager will always endeavor to keep such cost additions on a realistic level and inform the the client of all the details of such cost revisions.

what we offer

OHC Provides the following Services


Industrial Hygiene

Laboratory Services

On-Site Training

Lead Consulting

Process Engineering

Indoor Air Quality

Asbestos Consulting Services

OHC is responsible for site and facility surveys, or verification of existing surveys, prior to acquisition, renovation, or demolition; remediation design; contract administration; and construction supervision and monitoring.

Lead Surveys

OHC has always utilized state-of-the-art techniques and procedures to identify, assess, and analyze for lead.

Environmental Compliance Audits

Businesses, corporations and government entities that engage in industrial activities most likely will have an environmental impact and thus need a system to ensure environmental stewardship and compliance are part of the fabric of doing daily business.

Chemical and Fuel Spill Response & Evaluation and Clean-Up Management

The release and spill of hazardous chemicals, heavy metals, VOC’s, and pesticides can pose a health risk to workers in the immediate vicinity and to the environment.

Environmental Site Assessments

OHC follows the ASTM E 1527-00 and ASTM E 1528-00 standards in the completion of the Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and other assessments for the transaction screening process.