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OHC is happy to announce a new award for “Hurricane Sally Recovery, Package 6” located at NAS Pensacola, Saufley Field and Corry Station.

OHC is already working on Hurricane Sally Packages 10 & 11. This is one of the largest packages awarded consisting of 40 buildings totaling over 1,000,000.00 square feet. OHC is subcontracted by ECC to perform these services. OHC responsibility will include the following areas of expertise:

Provide a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and Licensed Mold Assessor who will visit the site to conduct the investigation and evaluate the extent of water damage and mold amplification using a combination of Infra- Red Spectrophotometry and Moisture meters.

The following buildings will be assessed:

1.1 NAS Pensacola – Buildings B16, B0458, B0470, B0475, B0635, B0741, B1544A, B1735, B1821, B1852, B1854, B3231, B3245, B3581, B3585, B3634, B3681, B3813, B3904, B3907, B3908, B3911, B3937, B3963, B4125, B4127

1.2 Corry Station – Buildings B0501, B0502, B0503, B0540, B0544, B1090, B2230, B2269, B3706, B3776

1.3 Saufley field – Buildings B2440, B2451, B2477T, B2479

2. Perform visual inspection of building components to determine if there are any signs of water damage and/or amplification of biological agents. Destructive testing will be attempted on all areas suspect for mold growth. Occupied areas may be limited to smaller core testing and the area cleaned using HEPA Vacuum and sealed immediately after testing and sampling has been accomplished. If any suspect fungal agents are identified tape or swap samples may be collected to verify if it is biological in nature;

3. Perform visual inspection of the A/H units located in the following buildings; 3908, 3813, 3706, 544, 502, 501, 38, 606, 625, and 1854.

4. No air samples for biological agents will be collected during this investigation unless requested by the client.

5. Submit any samples collected to an American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) accredited laboratory.

6. OHC will submit a final electronic report providing details of the findings for each building. The report will provide the following information:

6.1. Personnel involved in the assessment and dates of the field work

6.2. Brief description of the building

6.3. Table listing the location of the water damage material, extent of damage and approximate quantities of material to be removed.

6.4. Drawings indicating the location of water damaged material

6.5. Photographic documentation of water damaged material

6.6. Photographic documentation of IR camera showing moisture damage

6.7. Consultant credentials.


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